Back to business-as-usual!

Back to business-as-usual!

OK, I have decided to just put it behind me for the moment.  We’ll just have to wait for the information and in the meantime it’s business as usual.

So I’ll start with a quite busy day, that will surely keep my mind of “other things” 😉 .  Working day untill 15h30.  Then it’s equitherapy for Lex (half an hour drive, 1 hour there, half an our drive back home) and I think we’ll be home by 18h.  Cooking dinner (homemade fries, BELGIAN fries :p ) and eating.  And then I’ll have to do magic, baking 2 wonderfull cakes for Lex’s birthday party tomorrow.  I’ll show (off) the results 😉 .

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