The best homemade chocolate spread ever!

The best homemade chocolate spread ever!

Trying to live a healthier life is a challenge I’m really enjoying now.   But I don’t want to take all the “goodies” away from my kids, obviously.  They love to eat bread with chocolate spread now and again (their favourite is Nutella), but it’s scary to see how much sugar it contains!  Time for a new challenge: make my own “healthy” nutella-like spread.  Instead of searching the internet I decided to just get in the kitchen and try.  The first recipe wasn’t bad, but not good enough.  After some “tweaking” I mad THE best chocolate spread ever, according to my boys who gave me a big thumbs up and the spread an A++.   It doesn’t contain any diary, no added sugar (there is off course sugar in the chocolate) and is even vegan.

This is my recipe:


  • 75 gr (2.64 oz) dark chocolate (I use culinary chocolate)
  • 75 gr (2.64 oz) hazelnut paste (ground roasted hazelnuts)
  • 1 tablespoon agave syrup
  • 1 tablespoon hazelnutoil
  • 100 ml (6 – 7 tbsps) almond milk (no added sugar)

Preparation: melt the chocolate and hazelnut paste in a double boiler.  Add all the other ingredients and mix to combine.  Pour in a clean jar and cover.  Put in the fridge to cool.    Keep refrigerated and use quickly (although that shouldn’t be a problem 😉 ).

In het nederlands hier:

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